Using the customer’s needs as a starting point, we develop innovative solutions to help make the smart grid of the future a reality. Our agile working methods involve testing our solutions together with the customer, to get the best results possible. Continuous testing, evaluation and development ensures that we meet our customer’s needs in every way.

Creating results

We are very proud of how our smart solution makes a real difference for our customers. That is our only goal. To empower our customers to create a more effective, robust, and reliable grid through a deeper understanding and a more data-driven organization. Here you can read about some of our customers.


”Kraftringen has a clear strategy for digitalisation of its electrical grid. Today, one has to deal with enormous volumes of data, but if we can act based on this data, we can add value for our customers. The digitalisation and installation of dLab’s solution gives us the ability to do precisely that.

In our effort to make smart decisions about investment, operations and maintenance regarding our electrical grid, the analysis that dLab’s solution gives us is of the greatest importance. This tool is now a natural part of the planning work here at Kraftringen.”

Alexander Johannesson
Strategic Grid Planning Manager, Kraftringen

Falkenberg Energi

”Digitalisation is to use the data you gather in a smart way – so that you then can make smart investment decisions based on that data. That is digitalisation for me.

As in other industries, the digitalisation of the DSOs is happening really fast. And we do not only need to make the grid digitalized, we also need to find a way to work differently. So we have a lot of work ahead of us.”

Karin Tångring
Head of distribution, Falkenberg Energi

Östra Kinds Elkraft

”The digitalisation of the grid helps us to interpret and understand the incidents. Not only do we see the actual outage in our systems, but we are also able to get details on what exactly has happened in the grid, and why the outage has occured. It is immensly useful for us to be able to discern where in the grid the problems occur – it allows us to shorten time spent on fault detection.”

Martin Lyckviken
CEO, Östra Kinds Elkraft

Tekniska Verken i Linköping

”Digitization is very much about creating robust networks with high availability and high reliability. To create it, we believe we need to measure and know more. We need to be able to analyze the events in the grid in a higher degree. We can’t just sit and wait for things to happen in the grid. We must go out and act before something happens.”

Andreas Åkerman
Development engineer, Tekniska Verken i Linköping

Dala Energi

“Dala-Energi strives to be at the forefront of current technology, and we know that the key to increasing electrical grids’ security of supply is to be proactive. dAnalyzer and dQuality from dLab are a digitalisation that Dala-Energi established in order to simplify the monitoring of the electrical grid.

We can now make fault detection a more efficient process, and get early warnings of impending faults, which in turn makes it possible for us, in certain cases, to act before an outage occurs and thereby improve our customers’ experience.

Put simply, dLab provides a good basis for making decisions about operations, maintenance and investments.”

Lars-Erik Löf
Technical Manager, Dala-Energi

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