• Data collection and analysis of the power grid turned into cable replacement for Falkenberg Energi

    Falkenberg, Sweden


    Falkenberg Energi embarked on a mission to create a robust and reliable grid infrastructure using cutting-edge technology and big data. As a significant step towards that vision, Falkenberg Energi implemented dLabs’ analysis platform, dInsight Analytics Platform, in two distribution substations as early as March 2019 and January 2020. Since then, a vast amount of data has been collected and analyzed, becoming an integral part of Falkenberg’s resilient power grid.


    In late October 2020, Falkenberg Energi faced a critical challenge in one of its substations located in southern Falkenberg. Operations began receiving repeated signals indicating incipient faults on a vital outgoing line, which supplied power to industrial players like Arla Foods and Lantmännen. Initially, these signals were considered potential false alarms, and the source of the problem remained hidden.

    Upon closer investigation with advanced cable diagnostics, the signals were traced to a section of older, poorly welded cable. Evidently, immediate action was required to replace this section to prevent potential power failures. The replacement involved changing 12 cables with a total of 6,000 meters, representing a substantial investment. However, Falkenberg Energi recognized that this investment would help them avoid even more significant costs and maintain their commitment to providing reliable distribution.

    “If we had not had dLab’s system installed, we would probably not have known something was wrong. Now, we could see the signals, and after deciding that it could not be false alarms, we investigated further and found the faulty part.”

    – Anders Sjökvist,
    Construction manager at Falkenberg Energi


    Karin Tångring, former Head of distribution at Falkenberg Energi, emphasized the positive outcomes of this endeavor, stating, “We strive to have a reliable distribution at all times, and in this instance, we avoided a power failure, which would in all probability have meant a lot of extra work for us, and possibly also affected our industry customers’ production negatively. When we can plan our maintenance work, we can make it more efficient and save time and money.”

    The success story of Falkenberg Energi’s partnership with dLab’s analytics platform is a testament to the power of data-driven decision-making in the energy sector. By leveraging dLab’s analytics platform, Falkenberg Energi was able to:

    Detect incipient faults
    The platform provided early warnings for incipient faults, enabling proactive maintenance and preventing costly power failures.

    Efficient operations
    By harnessing data analytics, Falkenberg Energi streamlined their maintenance operations, making them more efficient and cost-effective.

    Reliable distribution
    Falkenberg Energi upheld its commitment to providing reliable power distribution to its industrial customers, ensuring uninterrupted production.

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