New technology requires grids to be highly reliable, and the transition to renewable forms of energy puts pressure on the system as well. Therefore, we need to make clever grid investments – now. dLab will help you get a smart grid that is digitalised, efficient and reliable – with one solution.

dInsight Analytics platform

dLab provides a collection of applications and services under the umbrella dInsight Analytics Platform. The dLab platform provides an end-to-end solution, meaning dLab takes care of the data collection, analysis and visualization as a completely stand-alone package.

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The platform consists of 4 stepping-stones and the first one consists of a collection of application providing smart grid analytics. Each application addresses a specific area and is activated depending on the needs of the grid operator.

dAnalyzer address security of supply and offers grid operators a tool to avoid outages, quicker fault restoration and fault localization.

dQuality address power quality including full overview of active and reactive power, and load profiling. dQuality is a powerful tool assisting network operators in the integration of distributed energy resources, load balancing etc.

dState facilitates for intelligent maintenance as it analyses the wear and tear of assets in the primary substation.

dProtection is essentially dAnalyzer running on-the-edge providing real time analysis and digital output signals to the protection relays improving, among other things, the possibility to avoid unselective tripping or acting as a secondary protection relay.


The second stepping-stone is a UX-based visualization approach securing that the analytics becomes visual analytics. This is realized through the application dInsight.

dInsight offers an easy-to-use and powerful UI where a combination, correlation, contextualization, and further interpretation of analysis results providing deep insights can be visualized. A tool offering the user to quickly understand the health status from a complete grid overview down to individual feeder level. dInsight comes with powerful Key Performance Indicators, a method for quantifying health status of an electric power grid based on deviations and disturbances.


The third stepping-stone provides the means of communicating with other solutions and IT-systems. Through the dXport and dImport, the platform can import data from other sources and export data and information to other IT systems such as NIS/GIS or DMS systems.

Professional services

The fourth and last stepping-stone offers a possibility to work in close collaboration with our experts in various approaches. Digitalization is a journey and a knowledge-building process. In case there is a need, we are here to support through our dServices.