New technology requires grids to be highly reliable, and the transition to renewable forms of energy puts pressure on the system as well. Therefore, we need to make clever grid investments – now. dLab will help you get a smart grid that is digitalised, efficient and reliable – with one solution.

dInsight Analytics platform

dLab provides a collection of applications and services under the umbrella dInsight Analytics Platform. The dLab platform provides an end-to-end solution, meaning dLab takes care of the data collection, analysis and visualization as a completely stand-alone package.

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dInsight offers an easy-to-use and powerful UI where a combination, correlation, categorisation, and further interpretation of analysis results providing deep insights can be visualized. A tool offering the user to quickly understand the health status from a complete grid overview down to individual feeder level.

dInsight comes with powerful Key Performance Indicators, a method for quantifying health status of an electric power grid based on deviations and disturbances. The approach provides an opportunity to quantify performance seamlessly from individual feeder levels up to an aggregated level that forms a single KPI that describes the health of the entire power grid. An indicator that can be used to easily compare individual feeders, stations, or entire clusters of stations, with each other, and over time.



dBox is based on standard industrial automation hardware components, mainly from Beckhoff, installed in substations.
• Responsible for measuring and collecting current and voltages, and communication of collected data to server.
• Sensors air-gapped from other systems in substation.
• Measurement on the protection core.
• Real-time sampling 20 kHz.
• Adaptive trigger capability to tune in on a station’s normal operating condition and detect deviations.
• Records from all feeders, independently which feeder triggered the deviation.
• Collection of other digital signals.

dAnlyzer - Incident analysis and contextualization

dAnalyzer is a software component responsible for analysing the current and voltage measurements recorded by dBox. Each analysed event is categorized into one of six categories including early warnings, and prioritized.

• Automatic analysis and categorization of collected data using AI and other unique and patented methods.
• Results immediately reported in an easy-to-use format via a web-based interface. Both with details and in plain language with key values.
• Built-in Comtrade viewer for deeper analysis.
• Available 24/7 in any platform.
• Up to 25 kΩ high ohmic faults are detected.

• Fix incipient faults before there is an outage, enabled by early warnings.
• Minimize outage time by enabling efficient fault investigation.
• Enable more planned maintenance by avoiding reactive behaviours.
• Optimize investments by gaining insight through visualized Big data.
• Detects even the smallest intermittent transient earth faults.
• Fault localization.

dAnalyzer Lite - Analyze recorded and collected disturbance data

If a substation is equipped with digital protection relays including fault recorders, dAnalyzer Lite has the possibility to combine the recorded data chronologically from one or several fault recorders and perform an instant analysis.

dQuality - To measure is to know

• Power quality monitoring service utilizing the dBox, according to IEC 61000-4-30 Class S functionality & accuracy.
• Recording and analysing PQ events from both voltages and currents.
• Results visualized in a powerful UI using dInsight making the data handling an integrated part of the product, as opposed to traditional hardware focused PQ instruments where obtaining the measurement results can be more time consuming.
• Weekly reports in pdf format automatically generated with details regarding which PQ requirements have been fulfilled and which have not. Reports according to EN 50160 and EIFS 2013:1

• Get in control of reactive power.
• Optimize capacitor bank.
• Complete load overview over time.
• Quick understanding whether the standard is fulfilled.

Professional services

dServices - Discorver the full potential of data-driven management

Through our competent power systems engineers we can help you implement a strategy to work with all the additional information and insights provided by dLab, in your daily operations. The process is tailored depending on needs, and may take the form of weekly incident reports, regular workshops or other methods that suits you. This is a learning process for both parties, where dLab helps with analysing and contextualizing all incidents and events occurring, and we together discuss possible actions based on your knowledge of your own grid.



dXport/dImport is a generic interface for data extraction. This interface can be used to extract data from dLab for further use in for example NIS system.