Power to act
Grid insight perfected

One solution – a multitude of knowledge

Harnessing grid data, we can unlock valuable insights which, contextualized, we turn into knowledge. Knowledge that will empower informed decision-making and a profitable business outcome.



Connect and collect data from the grid using dLab’s measurement devices or from other sources by other means.



AI-powered software modules with patented algorithms analyzes the collected data in real-time, learning “normal” operating conditions and detecting deviations.


Gain insight

Combination, correlation, categorization, and further interpretations of the analysis results provides deep insights visualised in an easy-to-use and powerful UI.



Through additional transformation, insights are applied in meaningful contexts facilitating decision-making through data-driven behaviours. This can in turn lead to profitable business values.

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We strive to empower our customers to create a more effective and reliable grid by gaining a deeper understanding of incident analysis, and establishing a data-driven organization. Learn more about our customers.

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