• Olofström installs dAnalyzer and dQuality 3.0 to monitor their latest solar power plant

    Energy company Olofströms Kraft AB owns more than 2000 kilometers of distribution lines in Blekinge and Skåne in southern Sweden, with about 13 000 end customers. In the ambition to create a more digitalized and sustainable grid with high reliability, Olofströms Kraft AB works together with dLab. Now the journey continuous between dLab and Olofström when they choose to install dAnalyzer and dQuality 3.0 to monitor their latest solar power plant.

    We are very pleased with dLab’s dInsight Analytics Platform and have benefited greatly from the system in our station Pilen. Now when we are connecting a solar park to our station Ekeryd, and we want to keep an extra eye on power quality, we have chosen to order another system from dLab including dQuality 3.0 providing us full insight into power quality, says Bo Undemar, Head of distribution, at Olofströms Kraft AB.

    The growing number of solar power installations, while adding much needed renewable power to the system, also means increasing challenges for the grid operators. Harmonics and rising frequencies can cause unstable power distribution. The way forward is to use new smart technology to monitor the power flow and power quality. 

    We are very pleased to be able to provide Olofström Kraft with detailed monitoring capabilities, facilitating for example a successful connection between the grid and the solar power plant. The ongoing energy transition calls for new solutions which is something we provide through our one-platform concept addressing power quality, security of supply and capacity, says Fredrik Akke CTO at dLab.

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