• Innovative collaboration for increased reliability at Mölndal Energi

    We are proud to announce that the pilot development project with power and automation technology provider Ensto Protrol (“Protrol”) has been commissioned at Mölndal Energi. The pilot project began in March 2023 and aims to integrate dLab’s unique platform for monitoring the power grid with Protrol’s earth fault detection. This enables better localization of faults during disconnection and recurring earth faults, reducing power outage time and facilitating proactive maintance.

    Rickard Jacobson, CEO of dLab comments:

    “We are thrilled to see our pilot development project reach this significant milestone. The collaboration with Protrol has resulted in a new solution that will enhance the operational reliability of Mölndal Energi and help prevent power outages. By combining our monitoring platform with Protrol’s earth fault detection system, we can offer an efficient and proactive method for addressing the challenges of recurring earth faults. We look forward to exploring business opportunities through our collaboration and continuing to work with Mölndal Energi to maximize the benefits of this technology for the entire power grid.”

    Rickard Jacobson 

    In December 2022, dLab and Protrol initiated a partnership to integrate Protrol’s ground fault detector into dLab’s dInsight Analytics Platform. As a first-of-its-kind collaboration, this enables more proactive monitoring of the power grid, where recurring earth faults pose a challenge for DSO’s. By combining dLab’s unique power grid monitoring platform with Protrol’s earth fault detection system, power grid operators can receive early warnings with an approximate fault location, aiding in preventing outages and reducing downtime in case of an outage.

    Torbjörn Karlsson, CEO of Ensto Protrol remarks: 

    “dLab and Protrol together create a simple win-win for power grid companies. Secure fault localization, properly presented, eliminates troubleshooting and minimizes downtime. It can often be hard to present the identified fault location in the SCADA system in an elegant and understandable manner. This way, one can be confident in having accurate and relevant information when an earth fault occurs or after a disruption.”

    The pilot project, initiated in March 2023, is being conducted by dLab and Protrol in collaboration with Mölndal Energi, which already partners with dLab to digitilize its power grid monitoring through the dInsight Analytics Platform. Mölndal Energi serves over 23,000 electricity distribution customers and provides electricity exclusively from fossil-free energy sources to 50,000 electricity trading customers.

    Striving to enhance delivery reliability, Mölndal Energi aims to become Sweden’s most reliable power grid by 2038. To achieve this goal, Mölndal Energi has initiated an effort that includes increased digitalization and automation of the power grid, among other measures. Through the pilot project with dLab and Protrol, the goal is to proactively identify and prevent potential power outages, resulting in fewer outages and increased stability and delivery reliability. The initial deployment is at a distribution station, and if all goes according to plan, Mölndal Energi will proceed with implementing the technology in its power grid.

    Fredrik Lundmark, CEO of Mölndal Energi Nät, remarks:

    “Our goal of zero customer-perceived power grid faults by 2038 influences our entire power grid operation, and testing new technology is a crucial part of our efforts to achieve this goal. We are delighted that dLab and Protrol are interested in undertaking this project with us, and we hope that the combination of these two systems will take us several steps forward in our journey towards Sweden’s most reliable power grid.”

    Fredrik Lundmark

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