• How Swedish DSO empowers their grid reliability and safety with dLab


    On the beautiful west cost of Sweden , VOE plays a crucial role in electricity distribution in a challenging environment. With the vast archipelago and the salty Skagerrak as neighbors, their mission is to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the region’s residents. By adopting dLab’s cutting-edge platform, dInsight Analytics Platform, they have harnessed the power of proactive fault management to transform their operations and safeguard customer satisfaction.


    Every summer, VOE faces a unique set of challenges. During this period, the surge in temporary residents places an immense load on their local power grid. The balance of supplying power to all residents becomes even more precarious, with the potential for outages posing a significant threat. Traditional reactive approaches to fault management just weren’t enough to meet these demands.

    -Victor Bagge,
    Power system engineer at dLab.


    Enter dLab’s innovative dInsight Analytics Platform with its disturbance analysis application, dAnalyzer. Since 2016, Västra Orust’s Energitjänst has proactively monitored their grid using dLab’s technology. This proactive fault management approach hinges on continuous improvement, ensuring they identify risks before they escalate into full-blown power outages.

    During the summer of 2022, the dLab platform again played a crucial role. It detected not only one, but two incipient faults on the same feeder, setting the stage for a remarkable success story. The early warnings from dLab’s system allowed them to take swift action, avoiding dreaded power outages.

    Picture: The dInsight interface displays a repeated occurrence of high-omnic earth faults.

    Detecting two incipient faults

    During June 2022, Västra Orust’s Energitjänst observed a surge in high-ohmic earth faults using dLab’s system. These disturbances originated from a single feeder in one of their primary substations. A patrol inspection revealed overhanging tree branches, which were promptly removed, resolving the issue.

    However, the story didn’t end there. A new wave of high-ohmic earth faults hit the same feeder the following month, albeit with slight variations. Over a few weeks, the fault resistance dropped from 26 kΩ to just over 10 kΩ. Tracking this development automatically on dLab’s portal was crucial.

    With dLab’s guidance, Västra Orust’s Energitjänst focused on inspecting high-voltage cabinets and secondary substations using thermal-imaging cameras. This inspection unveiled local heat build-up in an isolator, a potential hazard that was addressed before it could escalate into a dangerous arc flash and power outage.

    Per Hedlund,
    Power grid technician, Västra Orust Energitjänst


    Increased Customer Satisfaction
    With dLab’s help, they averted potential outages, leaving their customers blissfully unaware of the close calls. This translated into higher customer satisfaction and trust in their services.

    Reduced costs
    Proactive fault management saved their customers from the inconvenience and Västra Orust’s Energitjänst significant financial resources. Preventing outages meant no costly repairs, no compensation claims, and a leaner operation.

    Increased workplace safety
    The safety of their staff was paramount. Early warnings allowed them to plan maintenance during daylight hours, reducing stress, ensuring better working conditions, and enhancing safety.

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