• Why grid reliability?

    Grid reliability, or security of supply, has become increasingly important as our society is becoming more and more dependent on electricity. A reliable supply of electricity is a basic requirement in our modern society; without it nothing would work properly. In many countries, this is and has been a central issue for the DSOs for decades, but the increasing demands on the electrical grid – in the form of more renewable and intermittent energy, the development of prosumers, decentralized energy production and so on – is turning security of supply into a central challenge.

    Knowing the weaknesses of the grid and keeping up a proactive maintenance work is key in avoiding outages and securing a reliable distribution. The traditional way of monitoring the grid does not allow proactive measures, as only actual outages are registered, and can be acted on. Digitalization of the grid with dLab’s solution enables collecting and analysing grid data in real time, which can then be used to find impending faults or deviations in quality and take action on these early warnings.

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