• Tekniska Verken AB is taking a step towards intelligent maintenance

    Tekniska Verken in Linköping Sweden takes another step in utilizing the full potential of the dInsight Analytics Platform from Dlaboratory Sweden AB (publ). The regional Swedish energy company has decided to not only equip the next primary substation with dLab’s unique incident analyser, but they have also decided to monitor both power quality and commission the new application to facilitate condition-based maintenance.

    – Since the platform we use from dLab easily can enable the collection of digital information also from critical components inside the substation, it seemed natural for us to explore the possibility of implementing condition-based maintenance as a next digitalization step, says Magnus Wennerholm, Grid planner at Tekniska Verken.

    In 2020, dLab carried out an Energiforsk-sponsored project together with Kraftringen with the aim of implementing an analytics tool for condition-based maintenance in primary substation. Energiforsk is a research and knowledge company that conducts and coordinates energy research in the Swedish power sector. The results were very promising, and shortly afterwards it was decided to productize the results and create a new application within the dInsight Analytics Platform. dState was released in the spring of 2021.

    – With this application we want to improve the situational awareness for asset management when it comes to wear and tear on components in the primary substation. Not only do distributed energy sources introduce new wear and tear patterns, but there is also a need to correlate it with how critical a component is, says Fredrik Akke, CTO dLab.

    Another conclusion from the project carried out in 2020 clearly indicates the possibility of easily facilitating already existing maintenance processes, and the possibility of implementing a data-driven work process step by step.

    – Intelligent proactive maintenance is a natural next step, and through our application dState we can contribute with a solution that makes it possible for grid companies to move in that direction. The benefits are undoubtedly many, and an obvious advantage is selective maintenance efforts, says Henrik Winberg, COO of dLab.

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