• Swedish Space Corporation chooses dLab for advanced power grid insights

    Picture: Copyright SSC

    With the implementation of dLab’s intelligent platform and the applications, dAnalyzer and dQuality, SSC now has access to sophisticated data analysis and visualization, empowering them with enhanced insights of the power grid’s efficiency and performance.

    In December, the dLab team conducted an on-site commissioning in Kiruna, located in the northern part of Sweden, where SSC is based. Thanks to the impeccable installation carried out by SSC, the commissioning process was seamless. As a result, the system is now fully operational, actively delivering valuable events and data from the power grid.

    “We are delighted that the integration of our platform went smoothly, and our first industrial customer is now operational!” says Rickard Jacobson, CEO of dLab. “Our intelligent Platform plays a crucial role in monitoring and ensuring the stability of SSC’s internal power grid, significantly reducing the risk of disruptions to their critical operations. This marks a significant step forward in our commitment to industrial customers, and we eagerly anticipate further positive developments.”

    Picture: Snapshot of dLab’s platform: a visualization dashboard showcasing simulated data for reference

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