• Product update: a new holistic perspective for grid planning

    To keep pace with our commitment to consistently improving monitoring capabilities and meeting the dynamic needs of our customers, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a groundbreaking update to our application for grid planning, dQuality. This latest iteration incorporates advanced features, paving the way for more effective power management. If you were unable to attend our recent webinar on March 7, don’t worry! Reach out to us for a detailed demonstration of the application’s latest capabilities. And now, let us offer you a sneak peek of the innovative features that are now at your disposal!

    At dLab, we strive not only to perfect your grid insights but also to contextualize the information, creating knowledge that provides a holistic perspective. This perspective enables quick identification of weaknesses and patterns, guiding you to further investigate. In pursuit of these ambitions, we are pleased to announce the significant upgrade of our dQuality application. Now, getting an aggregated and comprehensive overview on a feeder-level or merged measurement group, where you can combine an arbitrary number of feeders, is effortless. The following features are available to facilitate a broad understanding:

    Grid utilization

    Introducing a new dashboard providing an overview of the average and daily load factor, relative load, and utilization rate.

    Load profiling

    With this feature you can rest assured that your loads are not only supervised, but you will be notified when you are approaching your limits. dLab automatically adds a limit based on our digital twin of the protection relay.

    Power usage

    Gain unparalleled insights into your power consumption with our innovative historical tracking feature, which allows you to easily view your active and reactive power usage over time, as well as your total energy consumption.

    Current harmonics

    It is now easier than ever to track current harmonics on individual feeders, helping to identify the source of voltage harmonics when limits are exceeded. Don’t let hidden power quality issues affect your operations.

    Power harmonics

    As an additional feature for tracking current harmonics, we also provide an overview of the active and reactive power of each harmonic – meaning that the magnitude and the direction of each harmonic can be determined. Find out which feeders contribute to high harmonics, and which are the innocent recipients of harmonics generated from elsewhere.

    And remember, all analysis is based on high qualitative and high-resolution data – the key to generate meaningful insights and guide effective decision-making. And in the end, by providing you with a robust foundation to build your grid management strategies, dQuality is the ultimate choice for a smarter and more efficient power grid!

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