• Kraftringen, a swedish DSO, implements dLab to reduce outages.

    A smart-grid solution for analysis and decision support, leading to less electrical outages and an increased power quality. 

    By online monitoring of the electrical distribution grid dLab can detect all events, even the smallest incipient faults. The condition based solution also provides state of the art power quality measurements. In combination this offers the best tool in the market, allowing a proactive response to act before the problems lead to an outage of power for industries, commercial or residential areas.

    dLabs decision support capabilities will help to reduce SAIDI and SAIFI and also costs for operations, maintenance and planning by enabling a transformation from preventive to predictive processes.

    Well established in the Swedish market and currently monitoring 15% of the grid, we are committed to the digitization of the electrical distribution grid as it is a cost efficient and sustainable solution for a reliable power grid.

    Kraftringen has chosen to implement dLab applications in all their primary substations as part of their strategy for digitization. See the film where they explain why and how they are using the functionality provided.

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