• Integration of dLab’s solution with NIS enables precise grid fault location

    Creating an integrated fault detection system for energy company Olofströms Kraft AB, Dlaboratory Sweden AB (publ) connected its grid analytics platform with the existing NIS-system from Mirakelbolaget AB and Tyréns AB. The easy-to-use solution can now pin down a fault in the grid with a very high accuracy.

    Energy company Olofströms Kraft AB owns more than 2000 kilometers of distribution lines in Blekinge and Skåne in southern Sweden, with about 13 000 end customers. In the ambition to create a more digitalized and sustainable grid with high reliability, Olofströms Kraft AB initiated the integration between two systems: the NIS-system from Mirakelbolaget AB and Tyréns AB, with Dlaboratory Sweden AB’s (dLab) analytics platform, which gathers and analyzes grid data.

    – Our experience with dLab’s system is very positive, having deployed it almost two years ago to improve our grid monitoring, prevent outages, and reduce outage times. We saw great potential in the possibility of sharing information between dLab and our NIS software from Mirakelbolaget/Tyréns so that probable fault locations could be identified directly in the operating mode map, says Martin Arnell, grid analyst engineer at Olofströms Kraft AB.

    dLab’s analytics platform is based on a unique patented algorithm, automatically analyzing incident data in substations. Harnessing this data, operations can make faster fault detection, and get early warnings for imminent faults. This enables efficient operations and proactive maintenance.

    The new generic interface designed by dLab provides the NIS system from Mirakelbolaget AB and Tyréns AB with necessary high precision information enabling calculation of a precise fault location, which in turn minimizes the outage time.

    – We are very pleased that the integration between us and Mirakelbolaget/Tyréns is in place and can help Olofströms Kraft further in their digitalization work. Integrating different systems, we can add value to our customers and, as in this case, help Olofströms Kraft to further increase the quality of their supply of electricity. To heed our customers’ wishes in developing our systems is only an extra bonus, says Fredrik Akke, CTO of dLab.

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