• Data analytics by dLab to boost Malungs Elnät’s grid

    Energy utility company Malungs Elnät is adding a smart grid analytics platform from cleantech company Dlaboratory Sweden AB (publ) to boost the grid’s resilience. With the new data analytics tool installed in substation MA in Malung, Malungs Elnät is aiming to reduce incidents and outages.

    In one of northern Europe’s largest winter tourism areas, Malungs Elnät’s grid covers famous Sälen ski resort and other popular winter sport resorts. Aiming to increase the grid’s reliability, Malungs Elnät has decided to add dLab’s smart grid analytics to its systems.

    – dLab’s solution fits well in our ambition to digitalize, and strengthen, our grid. dAnalyzer gives us the means to optimize grid operations – giving us early warnings for imminent faults – and make well-founded long-term grid investments, says Stefan Jansson, Operations and Grid manager at Malungs Elnät.

    dLab’s analytics platform is based on a unique patented algorithm, automatically analyzing data in substations. Harnessing this data, operations can make faster fault detection, and get early warnings for imminent faults. This enables not only efficient operations but allows also for proactive maintenance work.

    – We are happy to work with Malungs Elnät and help them in their endeavor to create a digital, resilient grid, says Patrick Accord, Area Sales Manager at dLab.

    Installing dAnalyzer in Malung substation means that Malungs Elnät will now be able to digitally monitor the power supply to more than 20 % of their customers.

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