• Dala Energi installs new application from Dlaboratory Sweden

    Energy tech company Dlaboratory Sweden AB (dLab) has recently developed a new application for its smart grid analytics platform dInsight Analytics, now to be installed in Dala Energi’s grid in Leksand. Starting in January, the new flexible set-up will increase grid reliability and be an additional step in the energy company’s ambition to digitalize its grid.

    Övermo substation is Dala Energi’s largest station, modernized to meet the requirements on a smart and sustainable grid. In this modernization, Dala Energi has decided to integrate dLab’s latest product, dAnalyzer Lite, the latest addition to the dInsight Analytics Platform. 

    – Digitalization is the next step for us; we have high reliability in our grid, but we want to take things further. We want to create a proactive way of working with grid maintenance and planning, and that is where we need dLab’s analytics platform. Using this platform, we can be one step ahead all the time, working smarter for a sustainable grid, says Lars-Erik Löf, technical manager at Dala Energi. 

    dLab’s grid analytics platform provides a decision support system including a broad set of features and services. One of these features is dAnalyzer, collecting grid data from its minimal hardware, completely independent of age and make, including high-resolution sensors. The data is analyzed and put into meaningful context through a web-based interface; thereby enabling proactive fault detection as well as proactive maintenance. 

    In modern substations equipped with digital protection relays including fault recorders, but not yet equipped with the hardware from dLab, dAnalyzer Lite is an efficient solution. By using disturbance recordings in Comtrade file format and combining the existing recorded data chronologically from one or several fault recorders, dAnalyzer Lite can perform an instant detailed incident analysis.

    – We are very excited to work with Dala Energi and be part of their ongoing efforts to move towards a smarter grid, says Henrik Winberg, COO at Dlaboratory Sweden AB. This system is an attractive complement in our dInsight Analytics Platform, making it possible for our customers to swiftly add extra value to the collected information from existing relay protections.    

    Dala Energi has equipped four other substations in their grid with dAnalyzer. With dAnalyzer Lite in Övermo, Dala Energi will now be able to digitally monitor the power supply to more than 50 % of their customers.

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