What is contextualization?

In the incremental transformation throughout the digitalization process, value from the dLab solution can be obtained during several steps. Many of our customers are successfully using the information directly provided by our products, but the complete transformation for a company is a long journey where one mission is to move to a predictive state.

To achieve this state, there is a need to change internal processes and adopt a new data-driven way of working. An evolution that requires a tighter connection between analytics and the organisation, essentially putting insights and knowledge into meaningful contexts,

This is what the last step in the dInsight Analytics Platform encapsulate. The final outcome is what generally referred to as Actionable intelligence, or as in e.g. Industry 4.0 referred to as the contextualization phase. The previous obtained information is transformed to something that can be followed-up on, with the further implication that a strategic plan should be undertaken to make positive use of the information gathered.

Exactly how the process is carried out can vary case-by-case, and the platform is flexible. As a basic first step, dLab offers a forum for cooperation where the knowledge and experience from dLab meets the experience and knowledge from the customer. And step-by-step understand how insights from the dLab platform relates to customer internal processes.


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