Operation & Maintenance

On the beautiful west coast of Sweden, Västra Orust’s Energitjänst distributes electricity in a highly demanding environment with the archipelago and the salty Skagerrak nearby. Västra Orust’s Energitjänst is one of the early adopters of dLab’s platform and has utilized the disturbance analysis application dAnalyzer since 2016. Below is a scenario that occurred during the… Read more »

VSV has 3,900 km of electricity networks and 25,000 customers in western Finland and aspires to improve security of supply through proactive maintenance, adding smart grid equipment and increase the usage of under-ground cables. dLab has been part of this exciting journey for one year, and these are some highlights. dLab’s product dInsight Analytics Platform… Read more »

In 2020, Dlaboratory Sweden AB (publ) integrated the dInsight Analytics Platform with the existing NIS-system from Mirakelbolaget AB and Tyréns AB that Olofström Kraft AB uses, and created an easy-to-use solution that can pin down a fault in the grid with very high accuracy. Energy company Olofströms Kraft AB owns more than 2000 kilometers of… Read more »

In a power grid, protection relays are critical components which are supposed to detect and disconnect faulty feeders. Unfortunately, they do not detect all faults. For example, the relay protection systems can be incorrectly configured or not sensitive enough for certain intermittent earth faults, why a faulty feeder may not be disconnected in a proper… Read more »

Having a security of supply in the power grid of 99,99 percent makes Halmstads Energi och Miljö AB (HEM) not sit back and relax. Instead, the regional Swedish energy company has declared to make digitalization of the power grid their next step forward. Installing the dInsight Analytics Platform from Dlaboratory Sweden AB (publ) has allowed… Read more »

Utility company Vimmerby Energi & Miljö AB introduced dInsight Analytics Platform from Dlaboratory Sweden AB (publ) in their entire grid in 2019. Since, dLab’s solution has helped the company to keep track of incidents in the power distribution – from the overlaying grid, in their own grid and even in the customers’ facilities. The commissioning of… Read more »

After repeated signals of imminent faults in one substation, Falkenberg Energi’s new way of working with grid reliability resulted in a SEK 3 Million investment to replace a central cable in southern Falkenberg. The signals came from an intelligent grid analytics platform delivered by energy tech company Dlaboratory Sweden AB (dLab). Swedish energy company Falkenberg… Read more »

Regional energy company Bjäre Kraft’s grid includes 14 000 households on the idyllic Bjäre peninsula in northwestern Skåne. In the summer of 2020, the grid surveillance team noted repeated signals of high ohmic earth faults on a line feeding 14 substations. A team was sent to investigate the substations and noticed a burnt smell coming from… Read more »

It has been six months since Malungs Elnät added dInsight Analytic Platform from cleantech company Dlaboratory Sweden AB (publ) to increase the grid’s resilience. With the new data analytics tool installed in substation MA in Malung, Malungs Elnät is aiming to reduce incidents and outages. So, what have we learned? The switchgear and the protection… Read more »

In a robust cable network, with very few faults detected over time, supplying a city center, a short fault event occurred. Having no overhead line on the affected feeder, and the event being very short, a faulty component in a secondary substation rather than a cable fault was suspected. A team was sent out to… Read more »

Operation engineers noticed abnormally many starts (31 over the course of ~30 hours) of the directional earth fault protection for a feeder in one of their primary substations. dLab’s analytics platform is based on dAnalyzer, a unique patented algorithm, automatically analyzing data in substations. Harnessing this data, operations can make faster fault detection, and –… Read more »

In one of the feeders of a primary substation located in a rural area, 17 incidents of recurring high ohmic earth faults (>8 kΩ) were registered over the course of about 1 hour. A quick overview of the map identified a possible area as the source of the incidents. A team was dispatched to investigate… Read more »