The digitalisation of the grid helps us to interpret and understand the incidents. Not only do we see the actual outage in our systems, but we are also able to get details on what exactly has happened in the grid, and why the outage has occured. It is immensly useful for us to be able… Read more »

Creating an integrated fault detection system for energy company Olofströms Kraft AB, Dlaboratory Sweden AB (publ) connected its dInsight analytics platform with the existing NIS-system from Mirakelbolaget AB and Tyréns AB. The easy-to-use solution can now pin down a fault in the grid with a very high accuracy. Energy company Olofströms Kraft AB owns more… Read more »

Digitalisation is to use the data you gather in a smart way – so that you then can make smart investment decisions based on that data. That is digitalisation for me. As in other industries, the digitalisation of the DSOs is happening really fast. And we do not only need to make the grid digitalized,… Read more »

Digitization is very much about creating robust networks with high availability and high reliability. To create it, we believe we need to measure and know more. We need to be able to analyze the events in the grid in a higher degree. We can’t just sit and wait for things to happen in the grid…. Read more »