JULY 06, 2021

New indicators for smart grids by Ei verify dLab’s endeavor to deliver a smart grid solution

New indicators for smart grids by Ei verify dLab’s endeavor to deliver a smart grid solution

The majority of The Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate’s suggested new indicators for measuring smart grid development can be met with the data analytics solution from Dlaboratory Sweden AB. - A true verification of the viability of our solution, comments Erik Severin, CEO of dLab.

The Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate (Ei) has been given - through EU’s revised electricity market directive (EU 2019/944) – authority to supervise and evaluate smart grid development in Sweden. As a part of this commission, Ei has analyzed which indicators would suit this task.

- Reviewing these suggested indicators, dLab’s patented grid incident analysis solution can deliver many of the values needed for evaluation – an important verification of dLab’s mission to contribute to the building of smart grids, globally, says Erik Severin, CEO of dLab.

Ei’s report Ei R2021:07, “Indikatorer för utvecklingen av smarta elnät”, published recently, states that the development of smart grids should focus on energy transition (integrating new production and technology), energy efficiency and a reliable and resilient grid. And to be able to work with these aspects, the DSOs need to incorporate new grid technology into their scope of work.

dLab is a company working in the forefront of data analytics and electrical engineering, offering a solution to monitor and analyze incidents in the grid. dLab’s dInsight Analytics Platform enables DSOs to take small incremental and measurable steps towards a more effective, resilient, and reliable grid through a deeper understanding and a more data-driven organization. The aim is to build the new smart grid through data analytics, a view that seems to be supported by the indicators Ei proposes.

Out of the 13 possible indicators that Ei regards as relevant for measuring and evaluating smart grid development, dLab contributes to at least eight of them. Mostly in regard to indicators focusing on monitoring, control, and automation. Among the indicators dLab matches are security of supply, transmission loss, load factor, utilization factor, and level of automation in the substations.

- To be able to meet the majority of Ei’s proposed indicators for a smart grid with our solution is truly satisfying. It is a confirmation that we are on the right track. It seems that the market is ready, and we are definitely ready, says Erik Severin.