MAY 07, 2021

Dlab partner in European digital transformation project for a more sustainable energy system

Dlab partner in European digital transformation project for a more sustainable energy system

Cleantech company Dlaboratory Sweden AB (publ) joins a European consortium in applying for funds from EU’s joint programming platform ERA-NET Smart Energy Systems (SES) for a project on power grid resilience. The overall aim of the project is to advance the green energy transition in all sectors of the energy system while also ensuring security of supply in the power grid. 

Swedish KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Siemens, Wiener Netze, Fraunhofer ISE, OFFIS, and Solandeo GmbH join forces with dLab for the ERA-Net SES call for transnational projects on digital transformation for green energy transition. The proposed project called Resili8 – Resilience for Cyber-Physical Energy Systems – is aiming to increase grid resilience through a digitalized smart system. Part of the project proposal plan is an installation of dLabs solution in Austrian utilities company Wiener Netze’s power grid to study improved resilience possibilities.

- The future energy systems will be characterized by a much higher degree of digitalization than today’s systems, says Henrik Sandberg, professor at the division of Decision and Control Systems, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Apart from scenarios with increasing penetration of renewable energies, the digitalization is also accompanied by new technologies and scenarios. Sector coupling, microgrids, energy communities, and new market architectures are all examples of technologies that fundamentally change how energy systems need to be designed and operated. It will be critical to guarantee resilience for these new complex energy systems and at the same time ensure sustainability. Resili8 tackles this with a novel solution for resilience planning, implementation, and operation of future energy systems, finishes professor Henrik Sandberg.

Resili8 is taking on challenges for system operators such as installing an architecture that can adopt future technologies or finding new rapid, sustainable solutions to meet worst case scenarios. The proposed project is coordinated through Austrian Institute of Technology.

- Resili8 is a very exciting project where we can see our solution docking into a larger context, that is the green energy transition, says Fredrik Akke, CTO at dLab. Security of supply is an important feature of a new sustainable energy system. Without resilience, the grid will not be able to rise to the challenges the future energy system brings. This project would be a great opportunity for us to show how our solution can add value in the energy transition.

ERA-Net SES is a joint programming platform funded by the European Union and national partners, such as the Swedish Energy Agency, to build an eco-system of excellence for energy systems, through i.e., funding of transnational projects. The proposed project is scheduled to kick off next year and is estimated to end in 2025.