MARCH 24, 2021

dLab introduces condition-based station maintenance

dLab introduces condition-based station maintenance

With the release of a new application in its smart grid analytics platform, cleantech company Dlaboratory Sweden AB (publ) makes sure energy utilities can optimize their monitoring and maintenance of substations. As condition-based maintenance (CBM) in manufacturing industry, the new app dState is both labor-saving and economical.

Today, condition-based maintenance is widely spread in the manufacturing industry, creating lean and cost-efficient production. With international standardization in the way, CBM has becoming increasingly important in the power industry as well.

Inspired by a pilot project during 2020, dLab is now launching a flexible smart asset monitoring solution for substations, supervising the performance of station components such as circuit breakers, on-load tap changer and auxiliary power systems, in substations in the grid. dState shows each components’ health status as well as detect and alert users for negative trends such as frequent wear on breaker poles or too inactive components.

- We are really excited about dState. We believe it can revolutionize station maintenance, says Victor Bagge, systems engineer at dLab. When energy utilities begin to use automatic surveillance and analysis instead of physical inspections, much time – and of course money – can be saved. Digitalizing the grid and station surveillance and control, is the first step to reach a sustainable, efficient, and reliable grid operations.

The application is also available in dLab’s smart grid analytics platform dInsight, with an easy-to-use interface. See the demo here. A product release webinar will be held on May 4, 2021.

dLab’s analytics platform is based on a unique patented algorithm, automatically analyzing data in substations. Harnessing this data, operations can make faster incident detection, and get early warnings for imminent faults. Having the same basic idea, dState collects data when monitoring the stations’ maintenance needs, and can immediately warn for faulty components.

In the pilot from 2020, three stations in energy company Kraftringen’s grid were equipped with data analytics for different components.

- Data-driven and automated analyses are a vital component when planning, building, and maintaining the grid. dState seems a promising and interesting solution as a step for optimizing maintenance and reliability, says Andreas Vikström, grid engineer at Kraftringen.

dState is a versatile application, not limited to volume or defined components; the application can be installed in one of several stations, and if need be, other components and properties to be monitored can be added.