JANUARY 26, 2023

Brief update from dLab

Brief update from dLab

New success story: planned maintenance activities

Unplanned maintenance activities are costly and in many other ways undesirable, which is why a proactive way-of-working is preferable and thus a need for new intelligent tools that enable this. As part of our mission to describe the capabilities of our platform, we are excited to be able to share yet another story in our Optimize Outage Management Strategies theme. This time together with Dala Energi and the detection of imminent problems with equipment in secondary substation.

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High ohmic earth faults triggered corona inspection in secondary substation

Webinars: a new series available on our webpage

We have scheduled a new series of webinars! In addition to two webinars that will present product news, we have decided to once again offer the popular courses in disturbance analysis and earth fault analysis.

Visit our webpage and register already today.

The webinars we offer are:

  • Product launch, new features in dQuality 3.0
  • Product launch, our new feature grid health index
  • Basic course in disturbance analysis
  • Advanced course in earth fault analysis  


  • These webinars are held in Swedish, but please stay tuned for coming English ones.
  • These webinars are intended for power grid companies.

Looking forward to seeing you online!