APRIL 14, 2022

Bjäre Kraft goes all-in with dLab’s grid insights

Bjäre Kraft goes all-in with dLab’s grid insights

Bjäre Kraft completes its rollout of Dlaboratory Sweden AB’s (publ) dInsight Analytics Platform to the entire distribution power grid. In addition to the previously used incident analysis, Bjäre Kraft commissions the power quality functionality on all substations powered by dLab.

For several years, Bjäre Kraft has successfully been utilizing both the early warning capabilities to work proactively avoiding severe outages, and the automatic waveform analysis to investigate complex faults in their grid. Today, dLab can proudly announce that Bjäre Kraft takes a decisive step to complete the rollout of both grid disturbances surveillance and extend the functionality with detailed monitoring of load and load trends on each feeder in primary substations.

- As a company, we want to help make our customers’ everyday lives easier, and therefore we are keen on getting ready and fully equipped to handle all new types of challenges. We have seen that the information provided by dLab’s platform is one important piece of the puzzle, and by extending to the whole grid we will get a uniform view, and possibility to take further steps in incorporating the data seamlessly into our day-to-day operation as well as our long-term planning, says Bengt Henrysson, operations manager at Bjäre Kraft.

The energy transition that society is facing includes accelerated deployment of distributed energy resources such as electrical vehicles and EV chargers, solar PV, and battery storage. This introduces new challenges, and new challenges calls for new solutions. dLab’s platform dInsight Analytics Platform is one, providing several key components increasing the grid companies’ possibility to take the lead in this ongoing transformation.

- We have had a close collaboration with Bjäre Kraft for a long time and very pleased to be able to deepen it further. We are committed to supporting grid operators in the energy transition, not only by provide high-qualitative visual analytics, but also by always providing expert support and strive to ensure that the information from us becomes an integral part of their business, says Henrik Winberg, COO of dLab.