MAY 05, 2021

Bjäre Kraft adds dLab’s solution to new station in Grevie

Bjäre Kraft adds dLab’s solution to new station in Grevie

Regional energy company Bjäre Kraft in northwestern Skåne expands its digitalization of the power grid, adding dInsight Analytics Platform from Dlaboratory Sweden AB (publ) to yet another strategically situated substation. dLab is now installing both dAnalyzer and dQuality in a new part of the substation in Grevie, feeding the entire Bjäre peninsula.

- We are pleased that Bjäre Kraft has chosen to continue the digitalization using our platform, says Fredrik Akke, CTO at dLab. dInsight Analytics Platform will further an efficient and proactive way of working with grid reliability.

Regional energy company Bjäre Kraft’s grid includes 14 000 households on the idyllic Bjäre peninsula in northwestern Skåne. Bjäre Kraft has clear ambitions to create a sustainable and digitalized energy system, encouraging solar energy and connecting micro-production to the grid. Procuring and installing dLab’s smart analytics platform has been the next step in the transformation of the grid.

With the help of dInsight Analytics Platform, Bjäre Kraft can monitor the grid’s health in real time; allowing for proactive work avoiding outages as well as continuous monitoring of  power quality. dQuality, measuring current as well as voltages, delivers power quality measurements enabling a stable energy distribution. Today dLab’s solutions are installed in Förslöv, Grevie and Båstad, with an added expansion now in Grevie.