Need relevant KPIs for your grid operations?

How about an end-to-end solution that can:

  • catch even the smallest disturbance
  • balance power quality
  • monitor substation assets
  • move towards proactive maintenance
  • increase precision in grid investment

All these qualities come together in our dInsight Analytics Platform. dLab is the provider of a smartgrid solution for utilities to optimize their grid operations: from day-to-day fault localization to long-term grid planning and investment. Based on a simple standard hardware, customized for your special needs, our data analytics platform, dInsight Analytics Platform collects key data from substations – regardless of make and age – for further analysis, followed by a categorization and prioritization. It provides you quite simply with an overall picture of your grid’s health status. The platform also allows for data exports to other systems, such as NIS. Our health index, a compared view of your grid health, is suitable to use as an operational KPI. In addition, our dServices is available to break down analytics to knowledge and further into actions – paving the way for a proactive way of working.