SEPTEMBER 01, 2021

Falkenberg Energi secures power quality measurement from dLab

Falkenberg Energi secures power quality measurement from dLab

Energy utility company Falkenberg Energi is widening the usage of the dInsight Analytics Platform from cleantech company Dlaboratory Sweden AB (publ) by adding power quality measurement.

Falkenberg Energi, located on the beautiful west coast of Sweden, are continuously striving to evaluate and add new technologies to secure better infrastructure. The smart grid is seen as a necessity to keep up with the development of society and cope with the transition to a fossil-free society.   

  • The transition to a more renewable energy system requires a stable and modern electricity grid to be able to handle locally produced electricity, more homes, electric cars, the establishment of electricity-intensive industry and the phasing out of fossil energy sources. By adding dQuality, we strengthen our possibilities to have a wider and better insight in the grid, says Mats Bengtsson, System Engineer at Falkenberg Energi.

Falkenberg Energi has been utilizing dLab’s dInsight Analytics Platform for a couple of years and have now taken yet another step, by adding the power quality monitoring component dQuality 3.0.

  • We are very happy to be able to provide a comprehensive solution that helps Falkenberg Energi to identify and address constraints in the grid. This latest module in our platform helps them to get in control of for instance reactive power and harmonics, and then further correlate these measurements with other deviations detected by our dAnalyzer, says Fredrik Akke, CTO at dLab.

The commissioning of dQuality 3.0 means that Falkenberg Energi now takes yet another step towards their goal to streamline the entire chain for increase operational reliability and cost efficiency.