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From real-time analysis of grid disturbances and condition-based maintenance, to improved situation awareness through historical data analysis and data-driven decision making, as well as informed investment decision making.  A solution with several capabilities, the platform provides improved insights in the grid and necessary information to be able to optimize the way of working. Quick wins using the system include a reduced number of outages and reduced actual downtime in the grid.

Since 2010, dLab has provided the power sector with unique solutions. Solutions that help Distribution System Operators (DSOs) in their ambition for grid stability, optimized maintenance and investments, and a more proactive way of working. The products from dLab bring value to the DSOs  whether they work reactively using SCADA only, have taken the first steps towards proactivity, or are looking for a more advanced risk & vulnerability assessment tool.

The dLab solution is empowered by a small, tailored hardware configuration based on standard industrial automation hardware, installed in the distribution substations (where transformation of voltage levels to approximately 10-40kV occurs). The installation is air gapped from the rest of the substation.

dLab has developed a package of different applications utilizing this hardware configuration, all part of the dInsight Analytics Platform.

The solution from dLab is truly scalable both from a licensing perspective and a technical perspective. It is independent of age or make of the substations, i.e. it will provide a unified view of the complete grid.


Identifies normal operating condition of a specific substation, samples currents and voltages in high resolution and automatically analyses even the smallest deviation. The analysis is further categorized by the system and reported if deemed necessary. Acting as an early warning system, DSO will be able to pre-empt outages or significantly reduce outage times since the platform instantly produces automatic analysis reports in plain languages with key values.


All data, real-time as well as data analysed from a historical perspective, are visualized in a modern graphical user interface allowing for the DSO to identify weak points in the grid and understand the health of the total grid, as well as the possibility to easily zoom down to specific stations and even specific feeders. Providing information facilitating a more proactive way-of-working.


Monitoring the power quality according to IEC 61000-4-30 Class S, including reactive power.


Newly added solution for condition-based maintenance facilitating for a predictive maintenance capability. Monitoring and analysing data from e.g. breakers, load tap changer and auxiliary power ​supply system.Monitoring the power quality according to IEC 61000-4-30 Class S, including reactive power.

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