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Let us tell you how dLab can support the transition to a green infrastructure, starting right now

dLab provides a decision support platform that not only provides a unique grid insight, but also facilitates for grid operators to adopt a data-driven way of working. The smart grid platform dInsight Analytics Platform takes a starting point in the entry point of the distribution grid (distribution substation) and supports:

  • Improved reliability, resilience and flexibility
  • Increased penetration of renewable intermittent power generation
  • Better utilization of substation assets

dLab started off as a research project at the University of Lund, became commercialized in 2010 and has since provided tangible values for grid operators. The platform picks up where SCADA solutions end. dLab provides unified information that are substation agnostic, meaning the solution is independent on age and make of the substation. Furthermore, the insights gained bring value to the whole organisation.

Too much data?
dLab makes sure the data is processed, analysed, and presented for efficient utilization. The data is further labelled according to a certain priority-classification principle.

Outdated system?
Since dLab provides a server solution, the software is always up to date. The system can also run on-premises if desired.

Empowering Field Operators?
The information is available in any platform anywhere.

Operator stress?
Besides a high qualitative data processing, it is easy to configure at what severity level you want notifications.

The dLab solution is empowered by a small, tailored hardware configuration based on standard industrial automation hardware, installed in the substation. The solution provided by dLab is i) certified by an independent cyber security firm, and ii) air gapped from the rest of the substation, so no need to worry about cyber security.

We would love to share our story with you, and what we have learned during our journey!

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