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At dLab, we believe in doing things the right way. It’s the approach we bring to our efforts, like building smart electrical grids. It is our mission – which motivates us to go to work every day.

”My work involves participating in the development efforts by serving as an expert in electrical power technology, and (for example) helping to develop demand specifications for new functions, providing technical sales support, producing technical documentation for offers, providing customer support, and also taking part in major deployments of systems.

The most exciting part of my work is being able to contribute my experience from the industry, being able to participate deeply in the entire company’s operations, from development to sales and customer support, and the fact that people notice the difference that one’s contributions make, on a daily basis, for a small but growing company.

dLab is an innovation-driven company that builds on solid experience and well thought-out solutions, and at the same time it is also a fast-moving company, with streamlined decision-making and short lead times for development. If you want to develop on multiple levels, and be part of a growing business characterised by ambition and innovation, and also to work in a sector that is in the midst of a large shake-up as it tries to meet future energy needs, with many exciting sub-areas, then dLab is the company for you.

Some qualities that will be in high demand if one works at dLab include creativity, a sense of responsibility for one’s own performance, and a desire to participate in the company’s development, even outside one’s primary role.”

Victor Bagge, Systems engineer

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