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A collection of tools and services that enables you to gain new and unique insights and understandings of your grid health status.

The power sector is facing two major challenges: one is that the need for power will increase considerably in the time to come, according to the International Energy Agency; and the other is that sustainability must be secured as articulated by the UN Sustainable Development  Goals.

The grid will inevitably play a central role in solving these challenges. A crucial part is the grid transformation from yesterday’s grid – a one-way distribution of energy between producer and consumer- to a modern, dynamic grid with a two-way communication of data and energy. This transformation, or digitalization, of the grid requires a better insight and understanding of grid behavior, which in turn involves more sensors and more advanced algorithms capable of analyzing huge amount of data.

Analyzed and categorized data, belonging to the digital world, needs to be connected to an organization and its internal processes, i.e. the physical world. Bridging these two worlds is central for success; putting the analysis results into meaningful contexts that can be further applied by the grid operator is fundamental to the process.

And this is what dLab is all about.

We can now make fault detection a more efficient process, and get early warnings of impending faults, which in turn makes it possible for us, in certain cases, to act before an outage occurs and thereby improve our customers’ experience.

Put simply, dLab provides a good basis for making decisions about operations, maintenance and investments

Lars-Erik Löf
Technical Manager, Dala-Energi

Our dInsight Analytics Platform is a collection of tools and services that enables you to gain new and unique insights and understandings of your grid health status. Through analyzing grid data measured in high resolution, dInsight Analytics Platform allows you to identify the smallest deviation, imminent faults, track trends, understand power quality, make informed investment decisions, etc. – all in one easy-to-use digital platform.

Smart grid analytics plays a crucial role in the digitalization, where grid operators move from reactive behavior becoming more proactive. Proactivity in turn can be divided into several steps starting with a preventive strategy, moving towards predictive capabilities ending with prescriptive capabilities, as described in a smart grid analytics report from 2019 by Frost&Sullivan(*). This is an evolution within the DSO’s organizations dependent also by non-technical aspects such as company knowledge, cross-organizational cooperation, and company culture.

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    (*) Global Smart Grid Analytics Market, Forecast to 2025, Frost & Sullivan July 2019