FEBRUARY 05, 2021

Swedish energy sector: aiming for the lead

Swedish energy sector: aiming for the lead

On a virtual energy conference this week, several presentations discussed the complex situation the energy market is currently in, as well as the possibilities to push for a transition to a sustainable energy system. One aspect catching my attention, was the proposed need for proactivity.

This was put forth by Joachim Nordin, CEO of Skellefteå Kraft. In my interpretation, the need for proactivity concerns the vital transition of the energy sector; a transition which has to evolve not by demand, but by vision. Staying just one step ahead of demand, we can create advantages for us as a nation. Just as building the railroads once lay the foundations for the industrialization of our lands.

Proactivity demands mainly one thing – whether it is about building a future energy system or expanding on the possibilities of digitalization – and that is courage! Why? Because the decisions involved often clashes with our habits. Change demands courage. Expressed in the terms of the railroad analogy: imagine you would need to decide on a railway between Örebro and Nora, in a time when there were only local railroads, used for industrial purposes only. Would you dare to take the leap?

Our company aspires to be an enabler of proactivity in the energy sector; we develop and support the possibilities digitalization offers. Our solutions bestow the users with an information advantage – which can be used to optimize the assets (the power grid). In this way, we help our users to stay just one step ahead, always.

Just as the building of railroads in the olden days, today it takes courage to build and develop a future grid ahead of time. Here, Skellefteå Kraft seems to reap what they have sown, in that their venture for an extensive grid development most probably has been a motivating factor for the industrial investments in the region.

The idea of acting proactively to gain benefits, is the basis of dLab’s vision. Smart grid analytics can support the energy transition by optimizing grid operations, while avoiding the usual, i.e., building more robust grids. Naturally, a power grid is a must, but through a proactive way of working supported by data analysis, the grid can be operated more efficiently than today. For this to work, the awareness of the opportunities digitalization can entail, needs to be increased in the energy utilities. dLab offers solutions that can support energy utilities in optimizing their grid operations already today, without having to go through the process of deciding on new strategies. Let us contribute to the process of creating more proactive grid operations. We can help you stay one step ahead.

Erik Severin, CEO at Dlaboratory Sweden AB (publ)