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Access to a stable and secure supply of electricity is an important piece of the future sustainable society. In a lab at Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering, an idea for using advanced data analysis to support a robust smart grid, took form. From there, dLab has grown into a global provider of a decision support system enabling DSOs to move towards data-driven operations and a robust, and reliable smart grid.

Erik was CEO of Sweco Energuide AB for 15 years and has considerable experience in the service sector. He has a background from ABB and Vattenfall and has primarily worked with development issues, mainly focusing on IT, and has held leading roles. Erik also has many years of experience in project export and internationalization.

Erik Severin


Master of Science in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering. More than 10 years of experience in international sales and business development in high-tech industries.

Henrik Winberg

COO – Marketing & Sales Director

Fredrik has a Master of Engineering degree from the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University. 25 years’ experience in leadership positions, such as line manager and project manager, at product development companies such as Saab and Switchcore.

Fredrik Akke

CTO & Founder

Master of Science in electrical engineering, MBA and Ph.D. and former associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University. Experience of power system analysis and development of control equipment at Asea, Sydkraft and ABB.

Magnus Akke

Research Director & Founder

Bachelor of Business Administration with long experience in accounting and finance as an authorized accounting consultant.

Claes Petrén


Former journalist and communications advisor at JKL in Copenhagen, PR Director at E.on Nordic, and Director of Communications at E.on Värme. Most recently served as Director of Communications at Kraftringen.

Melinda Frigyesi Almström

Communications Manager

Substantial experience as Sales Manager at different larger companies, including ABB.

Patrick Accord

Area Sales Manager

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. Kewin has previous experience in electrical power in plant construction, such as testing and commissioning of switchgears, troubleshooting and creating commissioning procedure instructions.

Kewin Erichsen

Development Manager

Senior power system protection and control engineer. Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. Substantial experience of working with control equipment, fault disconnection and fault analysis.

Victor Bagge

Systems engineer

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. Experience in software development mainly in real time computing.

Jakob Hägg

Senior developer

University degree in Informatics and B.A. in Media Communications. Experience in front end and back end web development.

Claude Bennedahl

Senior developer

Kewin Erichsen

R&D Manager

Important milestones


The dLab research project begins at Lund University of Technology (LTH) under the leadership of Magnus Akke. In the wake of Gudrun, a devastating storm that hit Southern Sweden in 2005, the idea took root to find a smart, sustainable solution enhancing proactive measures, reducing power outages and creating a more resilient grid.


The first measurements and analysis of real faults on the grid are performed.  The company builds a data base for developing the analytics platform, using real data instead of simulations.


dLaboratory Sweden AB is created in order to commercially market the research results, and the first contracts with customers are signed. The unique software solution called dAnalyzer is launched. dAnalyzer transforms big data into useful information, easily accessible through a device of choice, supporting both grid operations and planning department.


Regional energy company Kraftringen equips almost  its entire power grid with dAnalyzer. The roll out begins in 2017 and ends in 2021. By then more than 25 of Kraftringens substations are equipped with the sensor dBox and the data analysis software, dAnalyzer.


Now the company grows fast and new applications such as dQuality, are launched. In 2019, with a set of new investors, the company embarks on an internationalization – reaching out to markets across Europe as well as Asia.


First international customer signs up for dLabs solution. And steady grow in market, both in and outside of Sweden, leads to a planned IPO in early 2021.

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